Iron Man Suit: Mark 1

This post contains spoilers for the movie Iron Man.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 1 Armor

Mark 1

Mark 1 is the first armor conceived by Tony Stark in Marvel’s movie universe. After being captured by rebels in Afghanistan, he will build this armor with the help of Ho Yinsen, another captive, in order to escape.

Mark 1 is a very basic Iron Man suit that was blown to pieces after an unexpected landing in the sand. It was then rebuilt by the rebels and used as a model for Obadiah Stane’s Iron Monger.

This armor looks quite robust but it’s actually the weakest Iron Man armor and for good reason. Don’t forget that Tony Start built it in a cave in Afghanistan by using missile parts. Let’s be honest, the result is quite impressive. Just like the other armors, the energy source is a miniaturized nuclear reactor that is plucked in Tony’s chest (and keep the shrapnels far from his heart) known as the Arc Reactor.

Comic Version

In the comic, the Mark 1 looked like this. Since it was created in the sixties, all the armor magical features were explained by the use of transistors which were all the rage at that time!

Iron Man Mark 1 armor in comics

Mark 1 – Comic Version

Wear It

There are currently no wearable Mark 1 armor available for sale. If you want to wear, you will have to build it.

DIY – Do It Yourself

Want to build your own Mark 1? That won’t be easy. The rough look might make it look easy but you will need to be an artist to create this ‘used’ look. Checkout this armor by Wang Kang.

Homemade Iron Man Mark 1

Homemade Iron Man Mark 1

Mark 1 by Wang Kang

This armor was made by Wang Kang, a Chinese telecom worker and it looks very good! Apparently it also works to pick up girls ;)

The armor took Wang 3 months to complete and cost him around $450. If you ask me, that’s cheap to looks so good. The complete armor weights 50kg, it’s going to be hard to run with that, but that’s fine, you can fly!

See it in action. Honestly, it looks super badass! The mobility seems quite good and the way he walks looks exactly like in the movie.

Ready to build your own? ;)

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