Iron Man Suit: Mark 2

This post contains spoilers for the movie Iron Man.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 2 Armor

Mark 2

Mark 2 is the first Iron Man Suit created by Tony Stark in normal conditions. After being back in the U.S., 2 cheeseburgers and one press conference will help him clear his ideas and his future. First closing his weapon factories and instead create the ultimate weapon, that only him can use. Mark 2 is a prototype for the following suits and was never used by Tony to save the world : just to fly around and destroy his expensive cars.

This suit¬†will stay in the shadow¬†in Tony’s lab until James Rhodes decides to wear it and becomes War Machine.

This model is basically the same as Mark 3 without the fancy colors.


Comic Version

I could not find the Mark 2 in the comic books.

Wear It

There are no costume available for this armor.

Build It

Cosplays are harder to find for this suit since most people prefer the colored version. Here’s a video of a Mark 2 created by a group of french fan. The result is pretty nice. Unfortunately, I don’t have much information about the conception…


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