Iron Man Suit: Mark 3

This post contains spoilers for the movie Iron Man.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 3 Armor

Mark 3

The Mark 3 is the first Iron Man suit used by Tony Stark to actually save the world. After building the prototype Mark 2, Tony asked Jarvis to assemble a new model and to paint it in red and gold, helping him to stay unnoticed.

The first use of this armor was to destroy the Stark Industries’ Weapons owned by terrorists in Afghanistan. At the end of Iron Man 1, this suit is greatly damaged while fighting against Iron Monger, piloted by Obadiah Stane. As you can see on the picture, the chest suffered the most damages.

This suit is a color version of the Mark 2.



Comic Version

The comic version shares a bit with the movie version. But this was drawn more than 40 years ago! That was pretty imaginative for that time.

Iron Man Mark 3 Comics

Mark 3 – Comic Version

 Wear It

If you like this suit and want to wear it, take a look at the Mark 4, which is the same minus the damages. ;)

Build It

Since the Mark 3 and 4 are basically the same, see the Build section for the Mark 4.

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