Iron Man Suit: Mark 4

This post contains spoilers for the movies Iron Man 1 and 2.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 4 Armor

Mark 4

Tony build the Mark 4 to replace the damaged Mark 3 after his fight against Iron Monger (Obadiah Stane). Mark 4 is pretty much the same as Mark 3, except for a new look for the chest and the shoulder parts. That’s the armor Tony pee in for his birthday.

Just like the Mark 3, this armor is one of the most famous. Everybody knows about it which makes it a great suit for a party, Halloween or a cosplay event.





Comic Version

The only picture I found is available on the Marvel Wiki. It does not look like the movie version, specially with a nose in the middle of the face!

Wear It

There are a few options if you’d like to suit up in the Mark 4.

Iron Man Hoodie Mark 4 & 7 front


Iron Man T-shirt Mask Costume

Mask & T-Shirt

Iron Man Costume Mark 4 & 7 top

Complete with muscles

rubies iron man costume mark 4

Complete w/o muscles

Iron Man Helmet Mark 42

Helmet 1

Rubie's Iron Man Helmet Adult

Helmet 2

Iron Man Helmet Replica Right

Helmet Replica

Iron Man Costume Adult Gloves by Disguise Costumes

Gloves 1

Iron Man Costume Adult Gloves by Rubie's Costumes

Gloves 2

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