Iron Man Suit: Mark 42

This post contains spoilers for the movie Iron Man 3.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 42 Armor

Mark 42

The Mark 42 is the suit used by Tony Stark through Iron Man 3. It is a highly modular armor and each piece can be controlled by Tony. He can control each piece through computer chips in his forearms allowing him to call the suit from far away and suit up in a few seconds. This armor can also be controlled remotely.

The design is quite different from the previous suits. This model is mainly painted in gold as opposed to the usual red found on most suits.




Wear It

Iron Man Kid Costume Mark 42 Top

Complete Kid Costume

Iron Man Costume Mark 42

Adult Costume

Iron Man Helmet Replica

Helmet Replica

Iron Man Helmet Mark 42

Helmet Mark 42

Rubie's Iron Man Helmet Adult

Helmet by Rubie’s costumes

Helmet Mark 42 by Hasbro

Helmet Mark 42 by Hasbro

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