Iron Man Suit: Mark 5

This post contains spoilers for the movie Iron Man 2.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 5 Armor

Mark 5

The Mark 5, a.k.a the Suitcase Armor, is an emergency case that can be easily transported as a suitcase. This suit made his first appearance in Iron Man 2 during Monaco Grand Prix, where Ivan Vanko tries to kill Tony Stark. Once Tony get the suit, it automatically covers all his body and become a complete Iron Man armor.

The look of the Mark 5 is totally different from the others. There is no gold color here, it was replaced by silver plates. This is the only suit with this look, the Mark 6 going back to the usual style.




The Suitcase mode

When the armor is in suitcase mode, it can easily be moved around and brought everywhere Tony might need it.

Iron Man Mark 5 suitcase mode

Mark 5 Suitcase mode

Comic Version

There are no equivalent of this armor in the comics.

Wear It

There are no available costume for the Iron Man Mark 5 suit.

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