Iron Man Suit: Mark 6

This post contains spoilers for the movie Iron Man 2.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 6 Armor

Mark 6

The Mark 6 go back to the usual Red/Gold color scheme. Tony built this armor after fixing his palladium poisoning problem by creating a new ARC Reactor powered by a new element : Vibranium. When Tony created this new reactor, he adopted a triangle design that is reflected on the Mark 6. This is the only Iron Man suit with a triangle chest design.

This suit also includes silver parts on the arms and knees.





Comic Version

There are no equivalent of this armor in the comics.

 Wear It

Here are all the costumes related to Mark 6.

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Gloves 1

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Gloves 2

Iron Man Helmet Replica Right

Helmet Replica

Rubie's Iron Man Helmet Adult

Helmet by Rubie’s costumes

Iron Man Helmet Mark 42

Helmet by Disguise Costumes

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