Iron Man Suit: Mark 7

This post contains spoilers for the movie The Avengers.

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Origin & Use

Iron Man Mark 7 Armor

Mark 7

The Mark 7 suit was built before The Avengers and used through the movie to fight the Chitauri invasion. This armor is bulkier than the other suits since it’s fully loaded and ready to fight with various weapons. The reactor light goes back to a circle shape after the triangle found on the Mark 6. The chest piece has also a different look, specially the lower part. The color scheme stays in the usual gold/red with some silver addition on the legs.

The big new feature in Mark 7 is that Tony can ‘call’ it to him by using 2 bracelets and the armor will automatically suit him up. That’s convenient when you’re falling from a rooftop. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what happened in The Avengers!


Wear It

Here are all the items you can get to wear the Mark 7.

Iron Man Hoodie Mark 4 & 7 front


Iron Man Mark 4 Jump Suit Top

Jump Suit

Iron Man T-shirt Mask Costume

Mask & T-Shirt

Iron Man Costume Mark 4 & 7 top

Complete Costume

Iron Man Costume Adult Gloves by Disguise Costumes

Gloves 1

Iron Man Costume Adult Gloves by Rubie's Costumes

Gloves 2

Iron Man Helmet Replica Right

Helmet Replica

Rubie's Iron Man Helmet Adult

Helmet by Rubie’s costumes

Iron Man Helmet Mark 42

Helmet by Disguise Costumes

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