Iron Man Suit Models

A Mark, if you don’t know it yet, is a specific model of the Iron Man armor built by Tony Stark. In the comics, you will find more than 50 different armors made for Tony Stark and a few other for other characters like James Rhodes or Spiderman.

On this page, I want to list all the armors present in the movies and how you could find or build your own versions. I can’t wait to add the Hulkbuster to this list!

Click on a picture to learn more about the suit and check the costumes available for this specific armor.

Iron Man Armors by Movie

Iron Man 1

Iron Man Mark 3 Armor

Mark 3

Iron Man Mark 1 Armor

Mark 1

Iron Man Mark 2 Armor

Mark 2

 Iron Man 2

Iron Man Mark 6 Armor

Mark 6

Iron Man Mark 4 Armor

Mark 4

Iron Man Mark 5 Armor

Mark 5

The Avengers

Iron Man Mark 7 Armor

Mark 7

Iron Man 3

Mark 8 to 41 – Coming Soon

Iron Man Mark 42 Armor

Mark 42

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