Iron Man Costume for Kids Mark 42

Mark 42

Here it is! The best Iron Man costume for kids available today. I’m not talking about the mask which you should replace since it’s made of the usual thin plastic (check below how to get the ultimate costume), but the rest of the suit is simply amazing. Plus it comes in three different versions!

The first version includes pillow muscles and a Light Up ARC Reactor, the second only has the pillow muscles and the last one is just the regular suit. All of them are made with high quality material and your kid will probably love any of these. The prices range from $25 to $50 depending on the version you choose.



Get the costume

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Ultimate Version

Want to make your kid super happy by turning him into his favorite superhero? Here are the items you can add to this suit to make it the Best Iron Man Costume for kids.

Click on the pictures to check the item.

First, you should replace the mask with this helmet or this other mask which is way cooler.

Iron Man Helmet Mark 42


Iron Man Costume Helmet with lights and missiles

Lights and Missiles!

Helmet Mark 42 by Hasbro

Helmet Mark 42 by Hasbro

Then a pair of gloves would be perfect to complete the suit.

iron man costume short gloves mark 42

Short Gloves

iron man costume long gloves mark 42

Long Gloves

Finally, here are a few ‘weapons’ that will make a great addition to the costume :

Iron Man Wrist Repulsor

Wrist Repulsor

Iron Man Motorized Arc FX Gauntlet

Motorized Gauntlet

Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor

Tri-Power Repulsor

Now, it’s time to have some fun!

  • Material
  • Look
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • 3 different models!
  • High Quality
  • Chest Light
  • Low Quality Mask