Iron Man Kid Costume Mark 4 and 7 no muscle

Mark 4 or 7, no pillow muscle

This costume is the same version than this one, minus the pillow muscles. The overall quality is also inferior to the muscle version, but if you prefer this one, your kid will have a lot of fun with it anyway!

You should know that the size runs a bit small so don’t hesitate to go one up. The body part is a jumpsuit made of a thin polyester so don’t expect this suit to last long if your kid wants to wear it everyday. As usual, the mask is made of thin plastic that won’t support hard hits.

The costume comes without gloves so if you want a pair, you can check this one.

This costume is worth its cheap price and will make any kid super happy!

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  • Material
  • Look
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Very cheap
  • Kids love it
  • Low Quality